Our Technology

Today’s world is becoming ever-increasingly driven by technology. At KingBarnes we make it a priority to stay current with technological advancements. Our goal in doing so is to offer you as many options as possible to meet your needs and abilities.  We strive for paperless organization and opt for secure private data storage through cloud-based technology.

Attorney-Client File Sharing

Our online system allows us to securely share documents with you, such as corporate files, closing binders, estate plans, tax forms and sensitive files. Get your legal documents when you want, how you want. Our office uses DropBox for sharing most of our files. If you do not have access to DropBox, e-mail info@king-barnes.com to request Client Portal access through our firm’s Legal Software, Clio: Legal Software for Attorneys & Law Firms. Once we receive your e-mail we will provide you detailed instructions for accessing your documents through Clio: Legal Software for Attorneys & Law Firms.


When it comes to signing your documents, our office uses DocuSign, a software which allows organizations to manage electronic agreements. As part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, DocuSign offers eSignature, a way to sign electronically on different devices. Our clients also have the option of signing documents through Clio: Legal Software for Attorneys & Law Firms as a convenient alternative to leaving their homes.

Clio: Legal Software for Attorneys & Law Firms

Clio is a cloud-based software that handles various law practice management tasks including client intake, contact management, calendaring, document management, timekeeping, billing and trust accounting. With access to the latest tutorials and informed Clio company contacts, KingBarnes stays up to date with the most current Clio offerings and utilities. Clio makes it possible for us to provide you the documentation you need as it relates to your appointments, fees, expenses and contact with KingBarnes.


LexisNexis provides computer-assisted legal research as well as business research and risk management services to lawyers and law firms. Through LexisNexis, KingBarnes stays up to date on industry trends, legislative changes and evolutions in the law affecting our clients. We share this information with our clients through daily representation in their legal matters.

Wealth Counsel

KingBarnes is a proud member of Wealth Counsel, an organization that provides attorneys with the proper continued education needed to stay current with new laws and procedures. Jeffrey chose to become a member of Wealth Counsel for the company’s shared values of a high standard of excellence and integrity in the legal profession. We find comfort knowing that our Clients are receiving the most current counsel. As a member of Wealth Counsel, our firm has access to the latest software to provide you detailed estate plans consistent with the most current State Laws. Wealth Counsel further serves our firm by providing literature, out-of-state attorney referrals, and more to further assist with your Estate Planning.

Video Conferencing

Not available to visit our office for your consultation or conference? We are available all normal business hours to host a video conference with one or multiple clients via Skype, Go To Meeting or Zoom. E-mail info@king-barnes.com to request a video conference. We are happy to provide detailed instructions as to how to access and use these video platforms.